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Monthly Archives: April 2018

Caution: now your contacts can hack you in WhatsApp

While viruses have traditionally been sent by email, currently the popularity of WhatsApp has caused many hackers to try to send viruses or false links to try to hack us. The latest of these viruses (or more correctly “attacks”) has started to be seen in Navarra as the Autonomous Police of Navarra have alerted the public, and it comes by way of your contacts.

A new social engineering attack can leave you without WhatsApp

A year ago there was a similar virus that tried to gain access to your contact list, and normally came from an unknown number, which put the users on alert. However, the current attack uses a known contact, which could be your mother, your father or a friend. Continue reading

You can install Windows 10 Spring Creators Update in less than 30 minutes

We already know that Windows 10 Spring Creators Update is the official name of the next big update for Microsoft’s operating system and that it will officially arrive during the month of April. Little by little, we are learning all of the important details and changes. Today, we know that we will be able to install Windows 10 Spring Creators Update in less than 30 minutes, much faster than previous versions launched in the past.

Microsoft has been working for some time to reduce the time it takes to apply their updates. The idea is to reduce the impact on the client’s experience, who can’t lose 1 or 2 hours of his time waiting for the update to be applied. With functions like active hours, the people from Redmond have wanted to minimize the impact by having the updates install at times when we are not using the PC, but it looks like this won’t be sufficient. Continue reading

Android P shows a warning if you open apps meant for Android 4.1 o below

With Android P, Google is paving the way a modern Android. This modernization process entails tackling compatibility issues. We can see the first step with the Developer Preview: Android shows a warning when you try to install an app that is too old.

We tested the warning with the APK of Bootlog Uptime (an app released in 2013 that was designed for Android 1.6 Donut), and the result is a notification prompting you to update the app or contact the developer. Continue reading

Galaxy S9 vs. iPhone X drop test

Galaxy S9 or iPhone X? This is the million dollar question. Both phones have an exquisite design, top-of-the-line features and a well-rounded software that make them stand out from the competition. But which one is more durable? Now, we bring you a full drop test featuring the Galaxy S9 and the iPhone X. Which one will be the winner?

For this drop test between the Galaxy S9 and the iPhone X, there will be three different types of drops: back drop, corner drop and, most importantly, face drop. Which of the two phones will come out on top, the Samsung Galaxy S9 or the iPhone X? Continue reading

All-screen phones and the dilemma of the frontal camera: all the alternatives (as well as the ‘notch’)

Cell phones with a screen that goes from edge to edge are here to stay, but taking the screen to the edges presents one or another type of headache. And now what do we do with the camera?

This year we are seeing how the manufacturers are using all of their creativity to resolve this dilemma with ‘notches,’ retractable and swiveling cameras, but the truth is that in the end there are few magical solutions and all have their pros and cons. To see it visually, we have created a small Frankenstein monster showing examples of all the possible solutions to what to do with the camera in order to maximize the screen.

Take the following images as just an approximate visual representation created thanks to the magic of Photoshop. The phone is based on a Galaxy S8 and the screen background is from OnePlus, but instead of looking for historical perfection, we were simply trying to visualize every possibility. Continue reading