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You can install Windows 10 Spring Creators Update in less than 30 minutes

We already know that Windows 10 Spring Creators Update is the official name of the next big update for Microsoft’s operating system and that it will officially arrive during the month of April. Little by little, we are learning all of the important details and changes. Today, we know that we will be able to install Windows 10 Spring Creators Update in less than 30 minutes, much faster than previous versions launched in the past.

Microsoft has been working for some time to reduce the time it takes to apply their updates. The idea is to reduce the impact on the client’s experience, who can’t lose 1 or 2 hours of his time waiting for the update to be applied. With functions like active hours, the people from Redmond have wanted to minimize the impact by having the updates install at times when we are not using the PC, but it looks like this won’t be sufficient.

Windows 10 Spring Creators Update installed in 30 minutes

We has confirmed to us that Microsoft assures that you will be able to update to Windows 10 Spring Creators Update in only a half hour. This has been guaranteed by Dona Sarkar, director of the Windows Insider program that allows preliminary versions to be tested before they are launched to the public. In a Twitter message we can read that they have been able to reduce the installation time to 30 minutes.

Without doubt, this is good news which represents a 63% savings in time compared with how long it took to install the Windows 10 Creators Update. In addition, Microsoft is also responding to the complaints of many users about the inconvenience of updates at predetermined times or the excessive time that the updates take to complete. Luckily, it is only twice a year, if we are talking about big updates.

To accomplish this, they have moved processes that were done in the offline phase to the online phase. Thanks to these changes, they have been able to reduce 51 minutes from the average time that it took to install Windows 10 Fall Creators Update, the version that was launched in October 2017. In addition, other optimizations have been applied in order to maximize the efficiency of the installation.

Remember that you can already download the new Windows 10 Redstone 4 ISO image (build 17115), which is equivalent to the Windows 10 Spring Creators Update. In this way, we can make a clean installation from zero on our PC or a virtual machine.